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Jade Forest Nature Reserve

A huge tropical nature reserve that covers the southern half of The Iji Islands.

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  Jade Forest Nature Reserve, situated in the tropical Iji Islands, is home to an uncountable number of jungle creatures, exotic plants and breathtaking landscapes. The nature reserve is so big, it takes over the largest southern half of The Iji Islands, which are known locally as The Wild Islands province.  
The Iji Islands

Points of Interest

Rakuwa's Retreat - a beautiful jungle hotel that looks out above the canopy, complete with stury pulley systems, this retreat was made as an escape for elderly Rakuwa who suffer the tidal effects of Shoremindedness.   Ijokori Mine Tour - an old abandoned Ijokori surface mine, nature has reclaimed much of this old mine but it's now used as a great tourist location. If you have enough time on your trip you can even try and dig up a lump of ore for yourself!

Fauna & Flora

The lush acres of rainforest create the ideal ecosystem for many unique plants to grow. Tropical plants such as cucamelons, ruby cacao and oga peppers.   The forest is also home to a diverse range of wildlife, from the rampaging tortoises to the silent blackweb spiders.
Alternative Name(s)
The Wild Islands
Forest, Jungle (Tropical)
Condition | Nov 29, 2022

A mental condition that affects older generations of Rakuwa, causing their minds and memories to literally come and go with the tide.

Material | Nov 20, 2022

A jade-like material from The Iji Islands, commonly used to make small ornate trinkets, buttons, and jewelry.

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