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A mental condition that affects older generations of Rakuwa, causing their minds and memories to literally come and go with the tide.

Alas his thoughts now only return with the tide.
— common Rakuwan condolences
  Shoremind is a mental condition that affects Rakuwa in their old age. The Rakuwa have a slightly different word for this (as they are unable to produce labial sounds) and call it Shoresouled instead. This condition affects memory and concentration and is linked with the coming and going of the tide. When there is a high tide, affected Rakuwa function normally, but as the tide retreats - so do their minds.  

Transmission & Vectors

The shoremind condition is a genetic disease. There have been no recorded cases of unaffected Rakuwas "catching" shoremind from anyone else, and the condition has only been observed in crustacean species. Any other race claiming to be shoresouled is either lying or has another mental disability.  
Rakuwa have a strange connection with the seas of Melior. The shoremind condition seems to only affect those who were hatched in saltwater.


Tide Height Symptoms
High tide Normal mind and memory functions. Ability to concentrate like any other day.
Falling tide Mild forgetfulness and mixing up of names.
Low tide Very poor concentration. Inability to recall memories. Symptoms are mild to severe.
Rising tide Memories start to return with refreshing clarity.


There is little that can be done to aid a shoreminded Rakuwa other than to make them feel comfortable and manage their symptoms as best they can. Due to the nature of this condition, they may forget to care for themselves and will need extra assistance.   Things that can drastically reduce the symptoms of the condition are:
  • relocating to further inland (which may not be a choice for island dwellers)
  • relocating to higher altitudes to be further away from the sea
  • sleep and rest in a safe environment during low tides
  If folks are fortunate enough to have a Shoremind Sanctuary nearby, they will receive the best end of life care there.


The shoreminded condition can be prevented if both biological parents were hatched in freshwater. There is a significantly lower risk to hatchlings developing shoresoul if they are hatched and raised in freshwater until their first three moltings.

Cultural Reception

Many coastal settlements also use lunisolar calendars or calendars that display the moon phases to accomodate for the elderly Rakuwa who are afflicted with shoremind. There are two high tides and two low tides per day (sometimes these overlap into the following day). Careworkers and family members across Melior help the shoreminded and keep them safe as the tide washes away.   Many folk are very forgiving of the old Rakuwa and will go out of their way to make sure that they are safe and supervised during low tides. Not everyone is as accomodating though, there are some people who just ignore them completely and talk of them as useless beings.  
Hey brinebrain, snap out of it!
— A common insult that is offensive to shoreminded individuals.
Affected Age Ranges
75 - 100 year olds
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species
Species | Nov 20, 2022

A sapient race of crabfolk that live along the warm coastal regions of Melior. They are very clean beings and take care in their appearance and pride in their homes.

The Iji Islands
Organization | Nov 30, 2022

A large archipelago off the tropical coastline of the Arklendian continent.

Shoremind Sanctuary
Building / Landmark | Nov 29, 2022

Seaside care homes for elderly rakuwans who suffer with shoremindedness.

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1 Jul, 2019 18:18

The Rakuwa have a slightly different word for this (as they are unable to produce labial sounds) and call it Shoresouled
I love this detail! The idea of tying the condition to a natural phenomena is great too, and I think you have integrated tides and the condition very well ^^   Also, PUFFIIIINSSSS

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2 Jul, 2019 09:24

I really like how this condition is essentially an alien dementia, but there is a lot of thought put into the various aspects of it, like how it is caused, can be treated, and so on. It really gives it its own distinct feel that is separate from our normal human dementia.

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2 Jul, 2019 09:47

Brilliant Article, at first glance I thought it was quite funny and wacky but you've kept a fairly serious tone throughout. I did have a chuckle at 'brinebrain', though. You say that relocating further inland can reduce the symptoms, would this happen often in places where it is possible? Where would they go? I like to imagine they all go to a big carehome on a mountain or something similar.

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Eidal (former Etalia) Louwatt
2 Jul, 2019 10:42

Really awesome article, well written and the imagination and thought put into this is great! I love the details, from the different names of it to the calendar. Does this affect more aspects of society, like work division even before symptoms set in, and do the young worry about this as they grow older?

2 Jul, 2019 23:43

I saw your video about this and thought it was so interesting and original! Well done! :)

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Noice stuff

19 Sep, 2021 11:16

Interesting condition. I would never thought to link a dementia-like condition with the tides! Great job!

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