Shoremind Sanctuary

Seaside care homes for elderly rakuwans who suffer with shoremindedness.

Many rakuwan folk suffer with shoremindedness in their elderly years. It causes their minds and memories to literally come and go with the tide, causing forgetfulness and irrational behaviours that may cause themselves or others great harm.   To help these folks in their final years, they are taken to a shoremind sanctuary where they can get help with managing their condition in a safe and relaxing environment.   There are many sanctuaries across the Jolundrian Empire, but Garronay boasts the best facilities and modern practises that provide a luxurious end of life care for rakuwan patients.  


The first shoremind sanctuary in Garronay began construction on Dimday 12th Darkfall 519 2A and upon its completion three years later it opened its doors with welcoming arms on Falday 20th Blumecall 522 2A.   Every sanctuary is situated near the shore to ensure coastal views and observations of the coming and going of the tide so that nurses and volunteers can have a visual cue to aid in their care giving routines.   The facilities are constructed using local materials that complement the coastline, with furnishings following a naval theme using materials like driftwood, rope, and upcycled materials from old fishing vessels.


Each sanctuary has different facilities available but commonly between them can be found: community areas, nature rooms, fine and coarse sand beds, and constructed rock pools for bathing (some expensive sanctuaries are even permanently heated with a world ember).


The staff make sure that the patients have a wealth of activities to help with their memory, attentiveness, and mood. Meditation and stretches help the mind and body of the rakuwans, and hobby activities help with their creative expression and interest.

Visiting Times

The district prime carer oversees the facility and leads the nurses who care for the shoreminded. Volunteers are also welcome at the sanctuary and are often elderly folk of all kinds who want to socialise and make friends.   Family and friends may visit on any day of the week but are strictly limited to tidal windows which are approximately six hours long and occur twice per day. Opening times begin at a rising tide and close at high tide so that the patients are at their highest level of function to manage visitors.   Patients typically stay at their sanctuary for the remainder of their life, though they may leave with family or friends if they have a suitable homestead and provisions to care for them.
Founding Date
Dimday 12th Darkfall 519 2A
Alternative Names
Room, Medical, Recovery Room
A Hereditary Condition
The condition can be prevented if both biological parents were hatched in freshwater, and there is a significantly lower risk to hatchlings developing shoremindedness later in life if they were hatched and raised in freshwater until their first three moltings.
Condition | Jul 4, 2021

A mental condition that affects older generations of Rakuwa, causing their minds and memories to literally come and go with the tide.

Species | Nov 15, 2020

A sapient race of crabfolk that live along the warm coastal regions of Melior. They are very clean beings and take care in their appearance and pride in their homes.

Cover image: The Beach at Scheveningen by Johannes Bosboom, 1873


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