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Isle of Gurita

The active volcano in The Iji Islands, home to an angry molten octopus deity.

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  The Isles of Gurita is home to the molten fire octopus, Gurita, worshipped by the many Guris of The Iji Islands.   Of all the tropical islands in this humble cluster, Gurita's Isle is the most inhospitable and ominous of them all (a striking contrast to the rest of the vibrant paradise)!   The island has a steep elevation and is an active volcano. It has scarred black slopes of hardened lava, with jagged boulders of Dukori dotting the landscape.   Very little is able to grow here. The majority of plants are thorn-covered succulents and brambles. The few sources of water here are contaminated by the sulphurous minerals that Gurita spews from the mountain. The petal-pink pools may look inviting, but they will strip the skin from your bones before you can shriek for help.   Towards the summit, noxious gasses blech from the crater. During days of high volcanic activity this can even be smelt on the head islands if the wind is blowing strongly. Up close it's deadly. Nothing survives within Gurita's Grasp. From the shore it smells like rotten eggs, if you're not prepared for it, you'll lose your lunch.  
Gurita's breath, what is that stench?
— An Ijian profanity
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Gurita's Isle
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Organization | Nov 20, 2022

The peace keeping religion of The Iji Islands. The one with the big angry fire octopus deity.

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