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Guri Temple

A place of worship for the followers of Guritism in the Iji Islands of Rengia.

The majority of folk hailing from The Iji Islands follow the prominent faith of the region, Guritism. They worship the wrathful volcanic octopus, Gurita, who keeps peace across the islands.  

Form & Function

Guri temples are a common sight in the region and have spread far into Rengia. Each place of worship has its own unique styling based upon themes of fire, volcanoes, and octopus motifs.   Every temple has a large kiln that is used in Guri traditions and ceremonies. The kiln is always outdoors (due to the smoke) and resembles the huge volcano on Isle of Gurita, said to be the home of the deity they worship. When the kiln is fired up and ceramics are put inside, the flames that roar out of the top of the opening resemble the long fiery limbs of Gurita.   Every Ijian owns at least one piece of Guri-fired ceramics in their home, from ash-glazed vases to cups, tableware and trinkets.  
Temple / Church
Owning Organization
Organization | Nov 20, 2022

The peace keeping religion of The Iji Islands. The one with the big angry fire octopus deity.

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