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Milestones are used in windmills, water mills, and manpowered mills to grind grains, seeds, spices, and other items into powder. As flour, spices, and herbs are some of the most in demand items, mills, and thus millstones, are some of the most common items through out Iosis as even the smallest village can make and use a mill.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The millstones are made up of two circular stones, one that sits horizontal and one that sits vertical, The one that sits horizontal is called the bed stone while the one that sits vertical is called the runner stone. Both stones have grooves cut into the faces of them that vary from region to region that in addition to the weight help grind the grains, seeds, or whatever needs to be ground into a fine powder. The bed stone remains stationary thanks to it being set into a bed of concrete or mortar to make it literally rock stable.   Grain is fed into the mill through a container, called a hopper, that tapers down and opens at the bottom. From the hopper, the grain is fed into another container called a feed and from the feed, the grain is fed into a hole in the center of the runner stone and falls between the two stones where it is ground into flour or some other powder.

Manufacturing process

Millstones are cut from one piece of rock. The surface is divided by deep grooves into separate flat areas which are further separated by smaller grooves that create repeating patterns used to channel the power made by the stones out from the stones.


Item type
Current Location
Runner Stone: Up to 3,300 lbs.
4ft. by 4ft.
6in. in diameter
Raw materials & Components
Millstones are made using burrstone, sandstone, or limestone.

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