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Mage Globe

Mage globes are a commonplace item in many parts of Galactus. They are small, often colored, glass globes which contain candles and float through magic when lit. They are a useful and fairly cheap method of lighting spaces.

Lamps and other stationary light sources are still the most popular way to light a space, but mage globes are particularly favored among magic users. This is likely because they do require magic to function at their highest capacity, and for many magic users the spell used to enchant the glass balls is one of the first learned. Usually mage globes are a symbol of pride in one's magical abilities, especially those with more complicated enchantments which give the user more control over placement or even movement of globes of any size. Magic users also tend to be prideful and like to have an abundance of these globes in their work spaces to show off for non-magic-using clients.

It is unclear who specifically invented these lamps, but they have been used for millennia. The popular story is that one mage grew sick of having to continually move candles and lamps around their work space to have proper lighting, and in frustration levitated a lamp faroff the ground so its light would spread further. This method of lighting evolved into the mage globe's current form.

Mage globes are made from glass and usually range from the size of a small plum to a large apple. In larger spaces or for special occasions, larger globes are made, about the size of a melon. They have a small cap on the bottom with a spike, to which a candle is stuck and lit. The cap snaps into place and the lit candle activates the enchantment on the globe. Small vents at the top made by cutting slits into the glass, keep the flame supplied with oxygen. The glass of the mage globe can be opaque or transparent, but opaque is more popular. The globes come in an almost unlimited range of color, but depending on the pigment used, the price can fluctuate. More upscale manufacturers hire extremely skilled glassworkers who can create designs, patterns, and symbols in the glass. At most festivals and feast days, mage globes marked with symbols of the day's events are a common sight.

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