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Fetish of Victory

A Fetish of Victory is an item, usually a tooth or another small bone, that was take from a False Folk during the War of Tusk and Horn and worn after the conclusion of the conflict. These icons were universally considered a mark of valour and respect, and denote a veteran combatant from the war. Very few living individuals in the current day carry a Fetish of Victory or were alive during the war, but those who do are granted the upmost respect by all who they encounter.   While no two Fetishes of Victory look the same, True Folk do not tend to lie about matters of honour, and most claims are believed unless excessively incredulous. An individual that is discovered to have fabricated a fetish or lied about the circumstances of its acquisition, however, can expect extremely negative reactions, up to and including physical violence.


The significance of a Fetish of Victory can not be under-sold. If the Fetish of Victory is worn by someone who was a veteran of the War of Tusk and Horn, of which many still are, the individuals are granted respect, honour, and special treatment wherever they go. A fetish does not grant respect when worn by a descendant of a veteran, but they will always spark conversation regarding the nature of the ancestor's valour and interaction with the war.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Fetishes of Victory are not common, but they're also not unheard of. Most families possess at least several of them, after being granted their grandparents' fetishes upon their elders' deaths. Time deteriorates most things, however, so the fetishes are becoming rarer as time goes on. Like most True Folk cultural items and monuments, the fetishes are temporary, and will fade with time as the material they are made from wears out or deteriorates.
Base Price
Generally priceless
Raw materials & Components
Bone, tooth, hide, armour; Fetishes of Victory can be made from anything taken from a False Folk foe.

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