Banner ID Chips

Written by Barron

Banner ID Chips are a class of identification often embedded under a users skin. It contains the medical and Banner standings of its current user. It is most often located underneath the wrist so it can be used with the wave of a hand.  


Banner ID chips were originally invented by the The Jupiter Syndicate as a way to help keep track of citizens wages and employment. The simplicity of the system and the cost-effectiveness of it allowed it to spread out of the founding banner. In the modern era of Ethnis, most Banners have some form of Banner ID Chip available.   The only Banners to avoid using any form of Banner ID Chip is The Apple of Hedonism and The House of Sorrows.  


The initial adoption of Banner ID Chips was a hard sell at the beginning of its life. Many of the Syndicate populace saw the embedded chips as a threat to what little privacy they had.   It was only after a series of Directoriate televised debates that the technology was finally accepted, albeit with limitations as to what can be tracked. Other Banners watched closely to these developments, letting the Syndicate work out the kinks before integrating the system themselves.  


Banner ID chips can store medical information, personal contacts, credit information, and employment information. It is often used in place of physical identification and replaces much of the need for individual securities. Universal access can be given to an individuals ID chip rather than providing them with a security hazardous physical key.
We Leeches can work our way into an ID, great way to snag some security clearance.
Net-Leech Hacker
While I don't really care for having people be able to see everything about my employment, it sure is nice to just be able to get where I need with the swing of a wrist.
— Syndicate Citizen


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Summer Camp Prompt 23

Describe the functions and uses of a commonplace item in your world.

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