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Willwash Tableware

The woodworkers of Willowash are famed for their craftsmanship. This extends to their most basic tableware.   Willwash tableware is made on lathes of willow wand, the turners take a solid block of wood and slowly shaves away until the vision in his mind becomes a reality.   Patterns and stories are carved into the decorative surfaces. Transforming them from simple objects to works of art. The most impressive example of willwashing is the Table of Resistance; an intricate collaboration of various woods that depicts the promises of the Bleakrest Resistance. The Table of Resistance now sits inside the Emperor's Walk in Core.   Since the fall of Bleakrest the art of willwashing has moved to the colonia Libertus. There it has been taken on by the industrial minded Coranimii who create willwash tableware en masse. This has resulted in the products becoming cheaper to make and therefore cheaper to sell, willwash tableware has since spread across the empire to be found in nearly every barracks and town. The turners employed in the Libertus factory are mainly brought from elsewhere in the empire where the labour is cheaper, as such they do not hold any personal significance in the items they make.   Willwash tableware comes in many forms: bowls, plates, platters, pitchers, cups, cutlery. And its uses are only as limited as the imagination of those using it.


The artforms on the original works is hugely important to the Willowash culture, the mass produced items are only significant in that they highlight the decline of the Willowash golden age.
Item type
Trade/Manufactured good
Some original works can be extremely rare. Tableware is not as rare as some other willwash artefacts.
Dependant on wood: lightweight pine bowls - heavy oak platters
Base Price
Original works can be worth thousands of cors, mass-produced items are cheap and affordable

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