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Spheria Gardia

15 Julius 1647

Spheria Gardia, Gard in the common tongue, is a world of varying climates and continents.   From the fertile land under the authority of the Coranimi Empire, to the sands of the Lost Lands. From the vast, archipelagos of the Marinian Isles, to the Thyorn mountain inlets of the north seas and to the unknown ice-caps beyond, there is a world waiting to be seen.   By the common calendar, it has been over 1600 years since the last Age of Darkness, when humanity lost the light of history and culture. Factions are forming and nations are falling as the discovery of new lands to the West drives a greater desire for power and knowledge.   War has broken out on the old continent of Evergard, the Coranimi Empire is spreading its influence ever further, a confederacy of nations has formed to oppose the tyranny of Primus Dietious. However, when many elements are brought together it is hard to decipher the true character of those factions. Uneasy alliances can prove costly and choosing where to place your trust can make the difference between life and death.   The Cornaimii are looking westwards at the leading faction of the confederacy, the Marinian League, seeking to deal once and for all with the thorn in their side. War and diplomacy are two sides of the same coin, one should not be taken up without consideration of the other.   Heroes are born and become, in the Age of Gardia Magmus the lines between what is right and what is necessary become blurred. Power is a fickle thing, held by one but also by all.   Faith can keep a dwindling flame alive, tut where shadow stretches across the world, even the sun cannot illuminate everything to see. In darkness and light, good and evil is at play.