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The first settlement on the newly discovered land of New Aeven.     It was founded by the Loved Ones in 1467 AD, after they fled the Marinian Isles during the War of Eleven Leagues. The Loved Ones, members of the League of the Loved, were searching for the fabled lands where Ferwill is said to have retired to. They sailed west and landed on the forested shores of what they would call New Aeven.   They founded the colony of Ferfurst, taking their axes to the towering trees that grew across the valleys and building their homes. They foraged fresh berries juicier than any in the Old World, and drank from streams sweeter than even those of the Isilian Mountains.   Yet they were not the first to forge an existence in those forests. The natives didn't take kindly to these strangers.   Vicious savages that travelled the shadows in bare hides, the local tribes began to hunt the Loved Ones. The scalps of brothers and sisters would be found hanging from the branches outside of Ferfurst, recognisable by the angelic blond curls and peppered red tufts.     Before long the Loved Ones were confined to the limits of their settlement, for fear of been mutilated and killed. Then the screaming began.     Locked inside their cabins on a night, residents of Ferfurst would hear the cries of their neighbours as the Teranians broke in; no help would come. They built a wall, but still the Teranians found ways in. The haunting of Ferfurst was horrific for the kind-hearted Loved Ones.     In 1473 AD they sent a letter to the High-Helmsman in Marin, pleading for protection from the Dark. The Redcoats came, Ferfurst was thrown into action; the forest for a mile around the settlement was cleared, a mound was thrown up with a palisade twelve feet high. The colony was protected and the Teranian terrors were halted.   Industrialists came to scour the local area for minerals and wealth. Steel works were set up and immigrants flocked to the prospect of a new life following the end of the War of Eleven Leagues. The Loved Ones lost the sanctity of their new home, but they gained safety. Or, so they thought.




A palisade wall surrounding the entire settlement atop a mound, ramparts and watchtowers with mounted guns. The harbour is protected by a chain stretching from the southern tower and a barbican on the seawall.

Industry & Trade

Ore and coal are produced into steel which is traded for food and clothing. The town is poor in everything except steel and money.


Marinian style architecture, mainly built from the native timber.


In the forested valley's of North New Aeven. There are several streams and a major river, the Eehonac. The coast is littered with inlets and rocky outcrops. Ferfurst is built where a natural seawall creates a safe haven for shipping.

Natural Resources

The woodlands surrounding the settlement provide plentiful timber for building and firewood.
Large town
Inhabitant Demonym
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