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Marinian Wordsmithery

The Marinian language is as diverse and extreme as the islands that cultivated it.   It is a language that is full of cynicism and sarcasm throughout the lower classes and upper classes. However, the utilisation of those elements differs vastly. The commoners are more likely to make reference to generic items, such as a nation or a particular item, where as the highborn courtiers would be more at home implementing phrases involving ancient individuals and cultural representatives.   The strangest phenomenon comes where the more drunk any member of society in any constituency gets, the more uniform the language. So a noble born viscount who has too many snapbrandies at a ball in Hamston will begin to sound the exact same as a Tarwassian fisherman who has drunk too much grog in a Leerock tavern.   The real beauty of the dialect variations is that the Marish have a particular ear for picking out a language, this has allowed them to excel at establishing communications with the various factions they come across in their recent escapades across Gard. This has also had the impact of adding whole new vocabularies to the Marinian language.

Geographical Distribution

The language takes on a more grumbled and gravelly accent the further north the islands get. Where as the southern islands become more rolling and bumbly with their dialect. The most enunciated accent is in the central counties of Grand Marin.


Trying to describe phonetics for the various dialects and accents of the Marinian language would be like trying to describe Old Coranimi masonry to a Nortip shipwright; there would just be no use.
"You couldn't organise a piss up in a beehive!" - said by the Helmsman for the Trade Cabin, Corby Blight, to the Pilots after they vetoed the Foreign Ale Ban in 1587.
Common Phrases

As lively as levy's boat party (Getting all fired up)

Stand on Littlebeach (Sit on the fence)

A Redcoat without his Sally can't smoke (you need the right tool for the right job)

I'd rather storm the highborn backwards (reluctance to do something)

You could rouse the ultimate desires of a saint (you look delightful)

They stand out like a horseman in a temple (they are very obvious)

Not even for the source (unlikely)

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