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The Shaytanskourge is a clandestine sect of the Isilian religious order. Its sole purpose is to hunt down shaysentinels wherever they are found and to obliterate them without prejudice.
  The order of shaytanskourge answer directly to the Empress and work out of their base on the Narwasser in the upper Chorus valley. Outside of the Empress and the members of the order, only those who will never leave have ever seen the Shaytanqalea.
  Nestled on the dark lake and sheltered by the high valley slopes, the Shaytanqalea is an impregnable bulwark of defence for the empire. From here the order is safe to carry out its inquisition into every corner of Spheria Gardia.
  It is the belief of the shaytanskourge that the alshayatin are plotting in the shadows of the realm to bring forth a Second Age of Darkness. Alshayatin are skilled tricksters and spies, they have many means to get what they desire and can take many forms, making the role of a shaytanskourge particularly deadly.
  The shaytanskourge believe only by eradicating darkness can light be restored. They follow the philosophies of Arulius and Herophelia, chiefly the idea of sacrificing oneself to the darkness for the greater light.


The order answers to the Empress and the Empress alone.   Inside the order the High Commander holds ultimate authority. Followed in rank order by: Commanders Inquisitor Commanders Inquisitors Brothers Novices

Tenets of Faith

Commit oneself to the Darkness.

Do not fear the Darkness.

Become the Darkness.

Let Sitelius guide you.


Never surrender; the alshayatin show no mercy.

Only a commander can order the retreat, and only where his shaytanskourge are outnumbered by at least three-to-one.


In the Darkness there can be no written rules.


All those who reach the rank of brother are considered priests of Sitelius. To reach this rank one must prove themselves worthy in heart, soul, body and mind.

Sacrafice the Darkness

"If you fight the Darkness without knowledge, you fight blind. Learn how to strike in the dark." - High Commander Witborn, 1021 AD.
Military Order
Alternative Names
The Demonbane
Parent Organization

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