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Anim, also known as the Second City, is the settlement built between the rivers Urlen and Chorus (on the opposite bank to Cor). The two cities combined in the 4th Century After Darkness when a truce was brokered between the tribes.   More industrious and populous than her sister city, Anim is known across the world for its thriving economy. With the invention of the water-fed vertical drive shaft in the 11th Century the town grew at an unprecedented rate. The two rivers provided a prime location for the technology to be implemented.   The squalid tenement blocks were knocked down and factories built in their place. There were plenty of workers available with the overcrowded city slums on the factories' doorstep. Unemployment rate dropped overnight.   A plethora of raw material was brought in along the rivers, either from the Urlsa lands upriver or from the harbours of the Great Divide, to be turned into various goods. Fabric, metal, food, weapons and more are all mass produced at the capital of the Coranimi Empire, ensuring the heart and soul of Coranimii industrial power is kept close to the emperor.


The Anim district of Coranim is made up almost entirely of lower class housing. The northern part of town, upwind from the factories, is where the new wealthy factory owners have set up residence.   The closer to the Urlen, the more squalid Anim gets. Urlbank is where the wharves that ferry in the material for the factories arrives, so tends to be where the unskilled porters work.


Under the Jurisdiction of the Anim Locality, the town councillors are supposed to impose the will of the Emperor on the Animii. However, this is easier said than done; the Animii are a law unto themselves.
Alternative Name(s)
Second City, Coranim
1 million
Inhabitant Demonym

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