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The Golden Centaur of Giit

Crafted in a long lost art style, the Centaur of Giit is a statue in the old Empire's capital, Clytopae.   It is constructed from pure gold wrought from twisted rods that are woven together to create the monument. It stands atop a marble plinth, its hind legs are firmly planted as it rears, kicking out its front legs. The muscular forms of the equine body reach up to the humanoid figure. In one of the powerful arms is held a long spear, in the other is a harp. The centaur wears a helmet with pricked ears and deep cheek guards in the classic Styracian style. The eyes are firmly fixed forward from the shadows of the helm's brow.   There is no concrete evidence as to the exact reason the centaur was commissioned or why it features so prominently in the ruined centre. Although many have speculated. Many stories focus on the symbolism of the spear and the helmet; the centaur is ready for battle and it looks forward at its target. Others look closer at the harp and see the centaur is a beast of culture and peace. Another prominent belief is that the centaur is ready to defend itself against an unknown foe.   None will ever know the true reason for its place in Clytopae. What is known is that the style does not match the smooth, Giit pedestal it is paraded on, nor does it match the soft edges and gentle carvings of the temples and public buildings that thronged it before the Pówzhier sacking of the ancient city.   A less popular but more romantic story describes a tale of the centaur being captured and torn away from its homeland. Brought to the foreign place it was made to stand and perform for its captors. Now the lonely centaur awaits the return of his own kind to the desolate ruins.

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