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Pherfemalzea was discovered by Marinian sailors in the 15th Century. After the fishermen were blown out to sea by a storm, they came across a land rich in many ways. Five sailors survived the wreckage on Phermfemalzea's rocky shores, all of them stayed on the island for a decade afterwards.   They fishermen found beautiful, exotic women; with hair so dark it looked like smoke rising behind them. Their every movement was a mesmerising dance. They were the Pherfemalzae.   The five men each took a Pherfemalzea wife, all started a family on the paradise. No need was left unsatisfied; they were given a cornucopia of food, the most exotic and lip-smackingly good delicacies; they drank the local sugar wine, hum; and they lived as chiefs amongst the locals. All agreed there could be no better life waiting for them anywhere, except one.     While the others taught their new families how to fish and improve the infrastructure of their community, Timas Shorestroke coveted more. Shorestroke knew those back home would pay well for the luxuries of Pherfemalzea, Timas expected to be given titles, land and fame in exchange for its location. On the 17th Nivim 1489 AD, he stole a drua and set sail north.   After a fortnight at sea, Timas reached Gravitas Point where he was picked up by the Marish razed-galleon, Windracer, patrolling the maritime trade routes. The sailors didn't believe Shorestroke's tale, their captain abandoned the patrol to seek out the island.   The other fisherman organised a token defence of the island, benefited by the high cliffs that surround it. However, they were overwhelmed by the superior weaponry of the Marinians. Greed conquered; the island has since been a servile colony of the Marinian League ever since.


Pherfemalzae is surrounded by turbulent seas that crash against steep, rocky cliffs except in the south-easternmost tip. The south-eastern part of the island is a naturally sheltered beach that permits the inhabitants access to the sea. A river trickles down to the beach from the interior, cascading over mystical waterfalls and rushing through narrow gorges.   The altitude of the island rises to the west where the cliffs are up to 125 yards high.

Fauna & Flora

Although small, Pherfemalzae gives life to over 50 species of tree, over 100 species of shrub and fern, and more than 1000 flowers. The wash of colour across the island is beyond the abilities of any artist to capture. The temperature allows the jungle to be in constant bloom.   The wide range of flora provides plentiful food for a huge variety of animals. Thousands of bird species range across Pherfemalzae; from the gulls that nest on its steep cliffs; the hummingbirds that feast on its bountiful nectar; and, the parakeets and other lavishly plumed birds that throng the treetops.   Pherfemalzae is home to the only species of freshwater lake cayman on Gard, as well as many lizards and insects that make the wildest Isilian mythologies seem tame. There are also several species of monkey not seen anywhere else in the world.

Natural Resources

The Pherfemalzae have a bountiful knowledge of the local resources and how to harvest invigorating food from the land.   With the arrival of the Marinians, focus has turned to the wealth of exotic wood and the minerals found underground. In less than 200 years the beautiful beach has been soiled by Marish houses and workshops, nearly a quarter of the jungle has been cut down, and three strip quarries and six underground mines have been dug.
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