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Dheades' Crypt

The mausoleum of Dheades, God of the Dead.   Believed to be Dheades' final resting place after he was banished from the world by the High God, Sitelius (Zuitz), for spreading the darkness. Whether Dheades rests in the crypt or not, his seven disciples stand as vigilant statues at the entrance.   Dheades had it built ready for the queen of the gods, Dheara, when she was taken by a plague that mortalised even the immortal. The gods conducted a trial in Dheades' absence, finding him guilty of spreading the disease to Dheara out of jealousy for Sitelius. In punishment Dheades was banished to the crypt for eternity.   Nothing is mentioned in the annuls of Dheara after the trial, none know her fate; neither god nor mortal.   The crypt has remained a site of pilgrimage for those who seek justice since the First Year After Darkness. The seven disciples watching over those who seek the truth.

Purpose / Function

The final resting place of Dheades.   Started out as the mausoleum for Sitelius' dying wife, Dheara.     Is now a shrine for pilgrim's seeking justice for wrongdoings.


As far as memory can tell there have never been any alterations to Dheades' crypt, although what happened in the Age of Darkness and before is unknown.


The crypt itself is hewn from the rock of the Isiline Mountains, although the cave is smoothen down and the stalagmites and stalactites have developed into columns of beautiful colour and ethereal crystal.   Over the entrance is built an open, circular temple. The wilderness is permitted to enter as it wills, a final insult to Dheades. The roots have crumbled the minimalist architecture, and the vines clawed their way to the shrine, entangling the disciples.   Every seven years pilgrims flock to see the vine flowers bloom. A festival is held in memory of the lost spirit of Dheara.
Alternative Names
Temple of Darkness
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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