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Holographic Comm Unit

A pair of biological figures sit at table ingesting some colorful liquid when the table surface displays a commercial.   "New from Quintesson Forge Works is the Type-H Conference bot! Big conference coming up? Let the bot do all the hard parts! Worried about not having the proper attire? Worry not he can alter your outgoing image to meet your expected outfits," is blasted by an annoying and very metallic sounding voice.   The scene shifts to a bot standing in some brush partially hidden in the dark, "Mobile and discreet diplomatic spying need? Look no farther than the Type-H Conference bot with the optional internal interface. Who notices a random bot walking through town? No one does and no one will with the Type-H!"   Another scene plays showing a secretary taking notes while two men talk. They stand up and shake hands as one speaks, "Can you have the agreement written up and sent to me today?" The other man smiles, "My Type-H will have it in your inbox before you can get to the door." And the scene fades out as they hold an obviously scripted conversation of the Forge's superior secretary bots.   The scene shifts to a dozen bots walking down a street that shimmer and begin to look like multiple different species of various sizes and shapes and in unison they speak with multiple voices, "Contact Quintesson Forge Works's local sales office today."

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Internally there is a miniaturized spark chamber, the communicators have a port that directly connects to the body of the bot using them as an antenna and transmitter. Most have them installed internally the holograms only visible to their own eyes, comm bots, however, have larger ones that can project up to ten medium-sized creatures at once.
Item type
External units are roughly around 12 inch round circles, internal units are two inch cube like implants.
Raw materials & Components
Cyber-matter, miniature Spark Chamber, and crystal oscillator device.


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