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Spark Chamber

The room glows with a purplish light as the many-tentacled forms of several Quintesson Scientists work on a object at a table. The room suddenly brightens for a second and one of them starts cackling.   The form of Extempaxia makes itself known as it carries a pulsing object, "Behold my minions! I have stabilized the power source of our greatest invention ever! Bring me a test shell!"   One of the Quintesson Prosecutor s wheel in a metallic skeleton in a bipedal configuration. He gently inserts the module into the chest cavity and glides back to a console and types some commands. As it begins to shakily walk forward the scene fades to more mad scientist style cackling.


Used to house the tailored sparks that supply the vital third part of making Cyber-mater into Living Metal.


Cyber-mater is simply melted down and infused with a small amount of energon and put in the molds for the parts.
Access & Availability
The Factory creates a variety of versions, smaller ones for bots and large ones for power supplies.
Technically it is Living Metal shaped into a form that has a layer of non-infused Cyber-mater
The scientist Extempaxia created the spark chamber in parellel with the invention of the Energon Knife as he found the Tailored Spark's were inherently unstable and would disperse nearly instantly if not contained.


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