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Energon Knife

A closely guarded secret of the Quintesson scientist Extempaxia. The technology is not even shared with the High Judges.


The only current example is a knife that alter's the sphere's coming from the Power Plant's wells.


The only known knife was made by syncing four rows of thirty two standard Energy convertors to input into a thirty third one. It exploded and killed two scientists but embeded in one of their corpses was the knife.
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Access & Availability
They are all but impossible to create outside of the lab. Only one blade has been generated at this time and its inside the machinery that alter's the spheres of the bots in the Power Plant
Quintesson scientist Extempaxia developed them while experimenting on containing the energy spheres that would appear around certain robotic devices brought near it. A corpse of the first drone to have the spheres interact with lead him to find that energon could affect them.


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