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Binding Needle

If there's one item in Inmalenor that can be found anywhere it has to be the binding needle. Every Inmali usually carry at least one at any time, and they're taught how to make and use one from a young age. It's important to keep warm in the cold winters of the Northern Taiga, so knowing how to make your own layer of warm clothes might save your life.

An Important Tool

A binding needle is a special kind of broad blunt needle used to bind yarn into garments. It's traditionally made out of Beardox or seal bone. Other materials have been used to make binding needles, like wood, horn and ivory. Traditionally the needle is as long and half as wide as the index finger of the maker, but in practice they are made in a size that the maker prefer for their specific binding style and the thickness of the yarn used in the binding.

Every Inmali carry at least one of these needles and a bit of yarn on them to fix holes in their bound garments. Most own three or four binding needles for different uses - or more. It's expected that they make these binding needles themselves, as long as they aren't inherited from a close relative.

Item type
Related ethnicities
Very, very common in Inmalenor
Not much
5 to 10 cm long
1cm or less wide

Binding - an Inmali Craft

Binding is a way to make yarn into fabric or pieces of clothing by making interwoven knots with the help of a binding needle. This makes for garments that won't fall apart if they get one hole, and that's easy to patch if you have some spare yarn. Every Inmali child is taught how to bind clothes, and every family has their own way of binding these knots, making it somewhat possible to see which family made which garment.

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