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Dragonfly deliveries

Yes, we'll make sure that the box gets out of the city and lands in your hands. Just make sure to pay first.

- Talk with a customer

Dragonfly deliveries is an organisation that is hunted, but even if you grab it, most of it slips through your fingers. This has annoyed many in law enforcement, but some have started thinking about where the head is, even putting out a great reward for someone high up in the organisation.

The location of the leaders is unknown, but the henchmen can be found all over Auwan.

In order to have something smuggled, you need to find a contact. This is usually done along the ways of "I know a guy, who knows a guy". Once you have one, you negotiate a price and hand over the goods.


At the head is a small group or a single person, the information is unclear on that front, who call themselves "the Dragonflies" or "the Dragonfly" respectively.

Below that are the henchmen who organise transports and payments.

Those who do all the really risky business of transporting the goods are called goons or hirelings and are usually those who get caught.

Public Agenda

If there is a demand, someone should fill it.


Dragonfly deliveries started as a small group of smugglers. At one point the mission was very dangerous, so they hired local goons to do the job instead. In order to signal the goons and communicate with them, they started using dragonfly tokens.

This worked magnificently and the original group became known as "the dragonflies". They decided that it would be way safer to let others do the dirty work, while raking in the money.

Everything transported everywhere for the right price.

Illicit, Syndicate
Controlled Territories
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