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Quest: Delivery service

Smuggling a cart that has hay on it, but the really important thing is a box containing cataract powder (1kg = 2 lb) worth 400gp. The box is stolen and is being searched for by the city guard. All guards know what the box looks like and what it contains. Should they find the culprit, they are to imprison him/her/them.



As the sun rises, a familiar face approaches. A human you know as "Packer" comes to you and gives you one gold piece for your work on the last mission (whatever that is), after expenses.

He's annoyed that there was extra work, but smug that the PCs only receiving that one gp. since it was successful though, he'll offer you a new smuggling job.



Get the cart (box) to the contact outside of the city without being found out in order to receive a reward of 100 gp


If they fail to deliver, but had lawful intention (actually delivering the box), improvise. Maybe they'll get imprisoned by the guards, have to retrieve the box, etc.

If they attempt to run away with the box Dragonfly deliveries will hunt them and tell the city guard who has it.





City guards

  • Patrols two and two
  • Will search trough the cart and characters
  • Official authority
  • Will call for and receive help if troubled
  • Main operations within the city walls

Shanty town thugs

  • will attempt to take the cart, assuming the box is there
  • 3-4 thugs
  • Will flee if gravely wounded/alone
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