Getting rich is difficult, unless you are trading in Obesk

- Local trader

One mans misery is another mans fortune. Is a phrase that fits Obesk very well. It was never known to have a close proximity to any goods, nor did it have any industry or significant trade. That changed as piracy rose in a nation to the south and their trading routes were cut off, because that meant that trade was redirected to Obesk.

With trade comes a lot of growth, both in area and population. More people has resulted in a lack of guards for the parts of the city outside of the walls, which in turn has allowed for illicit activities to rise there.

Trade brings goods of all kinds into the city, even illegal ones. Those goods are usually transported by members of Dragonfly deliveries. A few members have recently been caught, which is the reason why it is publicly known.

While a lot of the space in the city is dedicated to trading in the market and surround areas, most of the goods volume is located in the harbour docks in the northern parts of the city.


The city houses mostly humans, but dwarven traders have started to settle down as well.


The inner city is surrounded by a tall stone wall that was supposed to mark the city boundary, which wasn't viable after the trade increase.


After piracy rose in the south, a lot of trade started flowing into and through this city, accelerating growth massively.

The main goods from the south are spices and rare plants and animals, like the cataract moth.


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