Auwan is divided into two major landmasses, one in the west and one in the east. The climate doesn't differ too much between them throughout the year.

The wide channel between the two landmasses is known as the Piercing channel and is very calm and therefore frequently trafficked by traders and pirates alike. A notable story of piracy in the piercing channel can be found in A travellers guide to Auwan.

Eastern side

The eastern side is mostly a single, flat piece, where only the most eastern parts are islands. Just north of the centre you have a hilly portion, as well as south of the centre.

To the west of the southern hills you can find a nation containing the quickly growing city of Obesk and is the north there is the mythical forest of The Tree of Arborea

The south is mostly temperate grasslands and forests.

Western side

In the north there are two well known countries, Baugyse and Fevillesia. Baugyse is flatter and it has more swamps, most noticably the Howling bog , while Fevillesia is very much more influenced by the mountain range on it's southern border and the dwarves living there.

As you move to the south-west the land flattens out and becomes easier to navigate using ships, due to the many large interruptions by the sea.


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