A travellers guide to Auwan

Sarni Wop was a human who loved to travel, but he was always annoyed when the information that he found in maps or in libraries was just plain wrong. With this in mind he started to write his travels down. When he reached a city he would share the information about the lands between cities.

Due to the long times he would be gone, many often assumed that he had died, only for him to return years later.

Towards the end of his life he published a book that collected all the most important information about Auwan, including maps with dangerous areas highlighted, a list with edible plants and animals described and also a few stories. The stories have become well known thanks to this book.

Among the stories are the Shardblade creation myth and A pirates greatest accivement. These have become so famous and repeated that they are taken as fact without verification, to the annoyance of historians.

It is said that one can survive everything in Auwan if you have this book, which is obviously false, due to the age of the book and the fact that it has not been updated.


In order to make traveling across Auwan safe, someone needs to find and describe all the dangers.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

When it first came into the hands of commoners, it spawned a great deal of migration to more hospitable areas of the continent, but over time the content became less accurate, which in turn reduced and even reversed some of the migration.
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