As Selûne watched over the world below, life itself began to form. This attracted the attention of Kelemvor, a god of death, because only gods should be immortal he began leading life to its end. Selûne did not mind him wandering the skies with her. For a long time this worked.
Inevitably the minds of the creatures on Padun grew intelligent and began to explore and wander, however this meant that Shar, the goddess of darkness and long time rival to Selûne, had something to corrupt and snuff out, and so she located herself closer to Padun then both Kelemvor or Selûne.
Seeing this, Selûne worried about the wanderers and adventures, as a dark mind would not wander, only serve. She knew that she would not be able to help from as far away as she was. As an act of defiance Selûne tore the brightest part of herself off and hurled it closer to Padun then Shar could ever come. This part of Selûne was as white as milk and we call it Galatea and it serves as a frequent reminder that there is always light where there is dark.

  • A story told far and wide to children on Padun
  • Geography




      Galatea   Shar   Kelemvor   Selûne
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      Mass: 1,2   Radius: 1,1   Gravity: 0,9917g   Density: 1,091   Semi-major axis: 1,55AU   Eccentricity: 0,033   Periapsis: 1,49885AU   Apoapsis: 1,60115AU   Orbital Period: 1,81534146 Earth years   Velocity: 0,8538   Inclination: 0° (reference)   Longitude of the ascending node: 0°   Argument of the Periapsis: Undefined   Axial tilt: 17,3°   Tropics: 17,3° N/S   Polar: 72,7° N/S   Hill sphere: 371,62 Er   Roach's limit: 2,65 Er


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