Only snippets remain from this nation. Some are oral myths, while others are written reports. The only thing that is known for sure is that Kilkhamp rose out of the ashes after the, so called, collapse.

After analysing the layout, I have come to the conclusion that we can increase transport efficiency considerably by switching the location of section 14B with ██tion 5.

The drawback is that the pl█████uld have to be closed ██████

- The remains of a document.

Before the collapse humans, elves and dwarves alike could fly like birds. Every day new nights were reached, but then something happened. Something that could not be predicted, nor defended against. The sun dimmed and with it, the ability to rise went out and thus the collapse began. Plummeting down remained, tearing down structures in the process until there was nothing left.

Then the sun began to shine ever brighter, allowing us to recover, to gain new strength.

- Storyteller to a small crowd

Written flawlessly:

We are now mere minutes until the main event. As soon as the object passes by we will see how wrong the ancient myths are. My own belief is that nothing will hap

Hastily scribbled:

The aether is failing us, all is falling, oh how wrong I was.

- An old note

I'm telling you, I need some time for myself. Currently there's just too much going on, with the recent crackdowns on the renegades and the new batch of laws that need to be processed.

I'll make you a deal. You work until the end of the week and then you can have three extra days off.


Good enough. Just make sure Eli knows about it.

That I will do.

  - Memory of a slumbering creature

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