Icios is a fascinating continent, especially considering that it's a massive volcano.

- Geologist to a shocked villager

Even though the weather is quite hostile year round on Icios many species have managed to settle in the nooks and crannies. The largest Human settlement is the city of Jingzhou among the south-eastern cliffs. Goblins are know to have settled beneath the settlements of other species, creating rudimentary forms of sewers.


The most notable feature of this continent is that most of it consists of the large central mountain range and a volcano in it's centre. The mountain tops are many kilometres above sea level, making travel across difficult at best and impossible at worst.

The Casfair Hills are located to the east of the main mountain ranges and nestled in between the hills are a few smaller lakes each of which usually has one or multiple smaller villages around them.

In the eastern part of the main island the high hills reside, which creates a minor barrier for travellers who want to visit the elven settlements dotting the east.

The island to the east of the main landmass is called Plaram, named after the elven captain who first landed there. Ever since, elves have claimed the east as their own.

Natural Resources

Due to the active nature of the volcano, deposits of various minerals and metals are very common and obsidian is mined in multiple locations across the continent. The obsidian is mainly used for decorative purposes, but many teach themselves to create simple weapons and tools, in case they need it to survive.


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