You won't find a better place to buy a ship.


The main species in Jingzhou are humans, since it's the main human settlement on Icios.

The second and third largest demographic are a draw between dwarves and elves.


Thanks to the cliffs, most defences can be incorporated into the local geography, making the city difficult to take in battle.

Industry & Trade

A large portion of the population is active in either the fishing or the shipbuilding industry. Some are also acting as guides for travellers, merchants and adventurers.

Guilds and Factions

One of the most influential organisations is the church of Sel√Ľne, which is powerful enough that almost no significant decisions are made without its say so.


Jingzhou is centuries old, but growth was slow for most of its history, due to the harsh conditions. Once Carvel planking became available trade could increase and this allowed the city to grow.

An important part of the city's history was when the Goblins were found beneath the city, which caused a widespread panic and street fighting as both major parties wanted to get rid of each other, even though they've been living in a symbiotic relationship. The Goblins created and maintained vast sewer systems.


Most of the buildings facing the ocean is made out of stone in order to be resistant to the many storms hitting the place, but buildings in back yards are made out of wood.


The geography where the city consists mostly of cliffs at different heights. The most useful cliff plateau is the one at sea level, since it functions as a strong base for the harbour.

Natural Resources

Various creature from the coastal waters is a commonly cited natural recourse that is extensively extracted.
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