Stormsea Light

The Stormsea Light makes a sailors hope burn bright.

- Common aphorism among sailors.

Towering 520 meters above the waves on the Stormsea, the lighthouse shines a bright light, guiding lost sailors to safety at night. This magnificent feat of engineering and persistence can be seen up to 50 km away from shore, if the weather is perfect, that is. Normally the visibility is limited to about 20 km due to the terrible conditions on the Stormsea.

At the top of the pillars rests a 40 m diameter stone house with a roof. The fire inside is fuelled by a combination of oil and wood and is lit at dusk or whenever the elements are making travel difficult.

Purpose / Function

As trade started to develop across the Stormsea, the need for improved navigation became a big concern, as the cities were difficult to spot from the water.


During the first few weeks of operations it became clear that the size of the flame wasn't big enough to be spotted, so some changes were made to the brazier in order to make the flames bigger and hotter.


Due to its location, the city of Jingzhou has developed as a major producer of fish and rarer ocean goods.   This meant that boats and ships would need to leave the protective barrier created by the tall cliffs and come back safely even in night time. One time the leader of the city went out to sea in order to observe a ritual, but the ship was found shattered against the cliffs days later.   The next leader took the decision to improve the chances of survival and proper navigation by commissioning a grand lighthouse.   Construction took 17 years, and a few souls lost their lives as well.
Parent Location


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