Located extremely well, Aichschlu grew quickly from a fishing village. Eventually the city became the nations capitol. While fishing never died down completely, it's extent has been replaced by shipbuilding facilities. Now many different types of ship are being built, from mass produced fishing boats, to war- and trading ships.

The largest trading ship to ever leave the shipyards was The Leviathan.

Not all of the wealth comes from ships and fish. Aichschlu's location made it an excellent trading hub between the western nations and the eastern parts of this nation.


The city is a relatively equal mix of Humans, Elves and Dwarfs. This distribution is due to trade and it's location.


1200 armed agents. the agents are referred to as the city guard.


Aichschlu is well known for its extensive shipyards along the coast, and for woodworking facilities the produce all kinds of goods made out of wood.

Guilds and Factions

The largest guild is the local harbour guild, which is responsible for handling the shipyards, docks and harbour warehouses.

The second largest is the national trading guild, which in recent times has started to use its powers in order to fight the growing amount of illicit goods flowing through the city.


The buildings in the centre of the city have been rebuilt using stone or bricks, but outside of that the houses are made of wattle and daub.


The river that flows through the city brings fresh water and is used for waste disposal further downstream.

Most of the land is flat or slightly hilly, with the highest hill being where the fort is located.

Large city
175 000
Location under


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