The Leviathan

It is with great honour and pride that I herby launch the largest transport ship to ever sail the worlds waters.

- Chief Constructor at launch of the Leviathan

The Leviathan was built to serve one purpose only: transport as much as possible as cost effectively as possible. Therefor it was significantly larger then any contemporary transport vessel.

The technology that allowed the Leviathan to reach its significant size was the introduction of Carvel planking. This strengthens the hull beyond a certain size.

During its lifetime the Leviathan transported goods across the Stormsea. The goods that were in the cargo hold were usually very voluminous.

The one exception was its final journey, when it was supposed to have carried a load of wheat, but due to a conflict that broke out, the cargo was exchanged for mercenaries heading for Auwan. The ship was attacked by pirates and after much spilt blood, the pirate queen had the Leviathan sunk, as described in the story of A pirates greatest accivement, found in the book A travellers guide to Auwan.


Sails, with oars as backup

Weapons & Armament

While considered "unarmed", there were always some soldiers on board and there were enough swords on board for all souls to receive one. A set of Longbows were also stored on board at all times.

Armor and defense

The hull was thick enough that only a ram could risk damaging it, but boarding was the greater threat.
Ocean Tarrasque
Transport everything and do it in one go
25 000 gp
Very Rare
14 m
40 m
5 km/h
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
150 tons


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31 Dec, 2018 21:09

This seems like an impressive vessel, but I can't help but wonder if there are any other features or rooms. Like what are the captain's quarters like? Is there anywhere for passengers or the crew to sleep or do they just sleep on the floor? If it was designed to transport as much of anything in one trip I would imagine it would have as many features as a cargo ship as it does of a luxury sailing ship.

1 Jan, 2019 19:43

The Leviathan feels a little light on history to be the focus of your pirate legend. A few historic accounts to build this ship's reputation and one to explain it's exceptionally light load on the day of the raid would make it feel more legendary.

R3negade X
R3negade X
1 Jan, 2019 23:13

This feels very informative, but at the same time, not quite. The other comments have mentioned that there seem to be less details on what goes on in the ship and what rooms it has, and I think that this feels more like something that a bureaucrat would deem the bare minimum. It's informative on stats like weight and cost, but not on what adventures it's seen in its lifetime and what its crew were like.   As a side note, you can actually separate the quote from its author by using this format: [quote] the quote|the author[/quote] Just a little tip to help you out.