A pirates greatest accivement

The Leviathan and its crew was my life and Edea sent both to the bottom of the sea. I will not find rest until she has met the same fate.

- Tayoris Demorer

Edea Naeren, the greatest pirate to sail the seas had one goal: to raid the biggest trading ship, known as the Leviathan.

After months of intelligence gathering she had found out where the Leviathan would sail next, and it was right past her base of operations, nothing could go wrong.

Edea commanded her small fleet of pirate ships to set sail towards the price once it came into view. The slow trading ship could not outrun the pirates and so it turned to fight in desperation, but with an ace.

The transport was full of soldiers, rather then the original cargo, due to a late change. When the pirates boarded they were surprised, but after many bodies fell, the pirates got the upper hand until all of the Leviathans crew and cargo was dead.

In rage over the losses without gain, Edea ordered the Leviathan sunk.

One hour later one could only find splinters floating where the biggest trading ship once was.

Historical Basis

The pirate lord and her ships were robbing 2 ships per day for a month before a military response was even mobilised. The delay was caused by a war. During the delay the Leviathan was sunk and no one is believed to have survived.

It took a few months more before their leader was caught. Even though piracy has declined since, the waters are still considered to be dangerous.


The myth is very common on the continent of Auwan, but less so outside of it.

In Literature

This story was first written and published in A travellers guide to Auwan.
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