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Describe the greatest pirate legend in your world. Did it really happen?
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the hacking pirate legend

The Pirate Prince

Nagán, el Terror de los Cinco Mares, y los Errantes de las Tinieblas

Morad Nyh and the Hand of Shadow

Camilla Speros, 'Queen of Nolvas'

Ewert and Claudine

STUB - Sailors on the Storm

The Helpful Maiden

Stellos Sea Serpent

The Endeavor and The Albatross

Legend of the Skintaker

Love that Stings and Words that Cut

The Totem Thief

The Death of Red Ranjish

The Day the Sun did Not Rise

The Tale of Captain Gorifice Smoot and the Booty Snoot

The Legend of the Lone Wolf

Half a knot

Rolac, le pirate de la Flamme de Glace

The Raid of Ganaeios

Keralix the red scaled

Rezeem Tongless

Urgahn "Sandbar" Rhork

Starscour and the Dread Pirate

The noble pirate

The Bloodwater Pirates

The 9 tail twins

Stonebeard The Avalanche

River Kings

Ian Fire-Barrel

Tale of the Winter Porcupine

Adrastos Christos - The Plucked Feather

La Plaie des sables

Theft of Tempor's staff

Frasfrash el pirata

Captain Iros Ironjaw

Jellek's Fury

Isa Rosu: Empress of the Ocean

The Spectral Fleet

Legend of the singing island

Revenant Piracy

A pirates greatest accivement

Brown Beard The Sponge

The Founding of Maith Cúl

Lost Logs of Avastra

The Red ship

The Tale of the First Pirate Lafitte

Queen of the Pirates

Leimomi the Avenger

The Sea-King's Daughter

Misko and the Jewels of Amberrage

The Dreadnought Gang

"Jacatu and the Leviathan"

The Raid on Evlimani

The Sweet Westerlies

Capitan Grim and the Devil's Deal

Die Schwarze Maid

The Original Baba Yaga

Captain Fliegel

Crimson Sails

Treasure of Syrathsi

The Sky Thieves

Admiral Blade

The Hexapus Army

Salvadore's Bounty

Pirates from the Deep

Robbery of Bank Plaza

Otho's Pearl

Myths of the Sea: The Stormbrand Corsairs

The Legends of Kagayaku Namida

The Tale of Symon Bode

Pirate King Lorenzo Rossi's Siege of Braris

E'rar E'shiti, the Pirate King

Disappearance of VIS "Nordlichter"

The Scourge of Grukzan

Avar Bests The Aviri of the Sea

Sarko's Raid of Somnolent Prison Moon

The Sjóræningi

Sheepdog Scandal of 2015

Captain Sandbrook

Tales of the Ol' Deepsea

Levi, A swashbuckler

About: Pyrrhas

Anka the Pirate

The Rise of Morgan Belos

H'kar the Fool

The Ghost Ship Scar

The Disappearance of the Night Serpent

Šóta Glešká the Pirate Lord

The Golden Bounty

Davik Flynt's Locker

The Tale of the Giant Pirate

The Red Rose

Snowmane's Sinking Ship

The rise of the pirate empire

The Pirate Legend of Mina Redbeard

The Dreadbringer

Qahal the Red

The Corrupt Journey into the Endless Sea

The Poppy Queen

The Legend of Skully Bones

Space sailors

KELLER VELL, The Impulsive

Roshan the Pirate

The First Junk Dog

Captain Paseo

Cherish 'No-Tongue' Layre

Patron of the Ko Tor

The Legend of Coneach 'The Black Mist' Gall of The Gravellow Atoll

The Dread Pirate & The Coast Cutter

Captain Nestrom Mitreel

The Legend of Sorona

Half-Hanged Sue

The Scuttled Remains of The Killjoy

The Stormstriker

The Ascension of Qaulas Medirach

The Dread Pirate Whaghafu

Halla Wormslayer

Squire of The Sea