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Ian Fire-Barrel

The most infamous and successful pirate that ever lived.


Ian Fire-Barrel was the captain of the ship Leona's Beauty and was the victim of a mutiny after they took heavy casualties in a pirate attack. After being thrown into the sea in an old barrel he survived for 12 days floating surrounded by unending blue water. He was found by the same pirate ship and taken aboard where he then ambushed them in their sleep single-handedly killing all of the pirates. He eventually made it back to port after sailing the ship by himself. Going on to be the most dreaded pirate after creating a crew of his own and using the ship he captured. There are legends that to this day his treasure is scattered all over the sea and shores floating in barrels or washed up.

Historical Basis

Ian Fire-Barrel was a real pirate although several of the stories relating to him are fake or stretched. His real name was Ian Stevens and was the victim of a mutiny where he was thrown into the sea in a barrel. although he was picked up in a merchant ship and had to steal another ship after creating a crew of pirates bitter after what happened to him and the lack of reaction from authorities.


It has become a common story to be told to new sailors and to teach the lesson of being careful of what you pick up in the sea.

Variations & Mutation

The original myth has sprouted several stories from it some of which have been watered down to be more child friendly such as him being taken aboard and explaining to the pirates what happened and being welcomed to join their crew.

In Literature

There was a book written by Kyna Ulin a famous dwarven author who collected and created stories about the man into a single book each chapter detailing a story of his exploits

In Art

There are several sea shanties created about the myth
Date of First Recording
823 AF
Date of Setting

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