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"Jacatu and the Leviathan"

The age of piracy began as soon as the Ptyrponean Sea became a major trading route median. With it, came the pirates and tales that boggle imagination. One such tale that is told to this day is one about Niles Jacatu, a Dwarven captain of the Merciful Goddess, one of the seas most fearsome ships.


Heavy, briny air settled over the boat. Overhead, the sun tried it's damnedest to peak out from the thick blanket that covered the southernmost part of the Ptyrponean. It wasn't unheard of for the fog to be this thick in this part of the sea, but this fog was different and Jacatu knew it. It had a sort of static within. His arm hair stood on end. The whole crew was on edge as they navigated between the rocks, sails partially full of wind that just couldn't shake it's thick veil, try as it might. A savage roar ripped through the fog and Jacatu knew who it was, Yoran the Pale. A leviathan, and not just any leviathan, but the one that ate the last captain of the Merciful Goddess. Jacatu began barking out orders to the crew. "Man the sails! Aim the cannons! Ready the harpoons!" This wasn't the first time Jacatu had encountered this beast, though last time he was a green deckhand, eyes captivated with adventure. 12 years later and fortunes richer, he met his old nemesis, this time, an ace in his sleeve. A dark silhouette began circling the boat. The silhouette nearly triple the length of the ship. A fin peered out of the water, taunting Jacatu as he spit out a curse. Then, the leviathan erupted out of the water, hurdling over the boat. Arrows and harpoons hurled towards the large, looking body overhead, not really leaving a scratch. The displaced water tossed the boat off to the side. Several men that didn't brace themselves fell overboard. Jacatu's face crept into a smile as he pulled out a five pronged trident from a holster on his back. A faint sparkle and glow illuminated the outline of the trident. A young marksman on board, bright eyed as Jacatu once was, eyed the trident, knowing that his captain had the situation under control. The leviathan breached the water's surface to take a bite of the creaking ship when he was met with a blast of lightning. Jacatu's trident sizzled as water spray made content with the hot forks. The leviathan reeled backwards into a cliff, screeching in pain and shock. Jacatu whispered the command word again and a lightning bolt crackled from the trident's prongs into the side of the leviathan. The beast crept into the water to lick its wounds when Jacatu ordered the crew to drive the boat closer as he began to strip off his coat and armor. He chugged a potion and dove headfirst into the ocean, scimitar first, leaving the trident behind, embedded into the deck of the ship. That would be the last time the crew saw it's fearless captain.

Historical Basis

Due to its nature of being a Pirate legend, there are no first-hand written accounts of Niles Jacatu or his battle with the mythical leviathan, Yoran. However, there are a few key pieces of the legend that align with historical records.   Firstly, there are numerous tales of sightings of a massive creature stalking the south Ptyrponean Sea dated to the early Age of Magic. These types of records fell in frequency around the period that the legend of "Jacatu and the Leviathan" occurs.   Secondly, the pirate vessel, Merciful Goddess, was and is still currently a prominent force in the Ptyrponean waters. Multiple mercantile ledgers exist stating lost cargo due to raids by the ship, and those brave enough are able to spot the Merciful Goddess docked among unsavory ports. Additionally, the current captain of the ship, Ecedes the Bold, wields a trident which resembles the legend. Ecedes herself is said to spread the legend as fact, citing her trident as proof of the actions.


The tale of "Jacatu and the Leviathan" is a popular story among coastal communities in the Ptyrponean basin. Although predominately a Dwarven tale, the popularity of pirate legends helped spread the message to both young and old. Either to warn travelers of the ferocity of local pirates, or simply to entertain young children.

Variations & Mutation

Two popular versions of the legend exist. In one account the leviathan surfaces, captain in mouth, while the captain orders the deckhand to use the trident to strike his scimitar out of the neck of the monster in order to fell the leviathan. The other states that Jacatu came to the surface dead, alongside the creature. One thing that is known is that the trident belongs to the current captain of the Merciful Goddess, Ecedes the Bold, who recounts this tale a little different each time she tells it. No one quite knows what happened out there to this day.
Date of Setting
~422 ER
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Author's Notes

Written by King Karl Edited by Loyalair

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