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Ptyrponean Sea

The Ptyrponean [T-ear-po-nee-uhn] Sea divides Miras and Akaris to the west from the Shersónic Peninsula and Gievrys to the east. Providing a critical role in trade, the sea grants access to the Dwarven Archipelagos and mainland Miras through connecting rivers. The Ptyrponean Sea is the largest and most traveled sea in the world.


The longest sea north to south, the Ptyrponean Sea connects to the Afthyric Ocean and the Hannalian Sea via the Strait of Brytus and the Kanja Strait respectively. The northern end of the Ptryponean basin is relatively shallow and clear which lead to the expansive trade network that formed there.

Fauna & Flora

The northern Ptryponean basin contains a large count of coral reefs. The tropical waters and natural geography are host to great number of species of fish and marine mammals. The seer quantity and variety of species around the Nisean Archipelago led to a tradition of casual Ichthyology among the native dwarven population. The deeper waters to the south are home to large aquatic species that migrate between the basin and the Afthyric Ocean. Myths remain of a leviathan that devastated travelers of the south-western coast of the sea, but scholars have been unable to prove any existence of such a creature.

Natural Resources

The nothern Ptyrponean basin is one of the most densely populated areas in the world due to its rich natural resources. It is predicted that about 60% of the worlds gold has been mined from the north-eastern coast, and it is predicted that twice that amount remains hidden beneath the waters.
"A merchant ship was meant to deliver a... special parcel to a port near Roux D'our for a benefactor of the tower. Reports show that the ship made it through the Ptyroponean Sea as expected, but went missing sometime after it entered the Echrin River."
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