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Avar Bests The Aviri of the Sea


  Avar and his crew loot and sink a Vesirian ship, angering Vesir, the Aviri of water. Realizing his situation, Avar orders his men to bring onto their ship as many surviving Vesirians as they can, forcing Vesir to leave their ship intact till they reach shore. He then convinces Vesir to bless his ship and crew in exchange for the lives of his followers. Avar and his men go on to have a long, successful career patrolling the southern sea, but they never attack a Vesirian vessel again.  


  The myth is at least mostly true. There is debate whether Avar forced Vesir's hand, or begged for mercy and swore fealty in order to get the Aviri's blessing, though eyewitnesses all agreed the former is true.  


  Avar's ship, the Merivarga, still sails to this day, evidently preserved by the Aviri's blessing. His descendants continue his legacy, raiding the ships and shores of their enemies, and protecting their allies.  


  The legend is well known among sailors and followers of both Skofir and Vesir. It has also been recorded in several books of legends as the only known instance of a mortal angering one of the Aviri and coming out better for it.  


  Rival human clans and other races tend to change the story to lessen the role Avar's cunning played in attaining Vesir's blessing. They range from portraying him as a brave sailor who was able to save his crew by making his own promise to Vesir, to portraying Avar as a fool who had to beg for mercy and agree to be confined to his ship for the rest of his life in order to attain the blessing.
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