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Trythica went down in history as one of the first human-founded cities after the dispersion that happened shortly after humans were corrupted and nearly destroyed by one of the Aviri.   The city was founded on Trispir by a relatively small band of raiders and their families later known as Skofir's Wolves, known by some as Nokarians, who sailed to the island using boats stolen from a rival faction, the Vesirians.   At the center of the city stood a naturally formed tower topped by three spires. The tower had many caverns and rooms that were made usable with minimal carving and stonework to make the tower more hospitable, and eventually fit for royalty, as it became the livingspace for the governing forces and their families, with a fortress built around it for added protection and grandeur.


Trythica's territory consisted of the entire island.


Men and women are trained to fight, though men are deployed first, the women are more than ready to do their part to protect their families, should the need arise.

Technological Level

The Wolves mostly live close to nature, but aren't without ingenuity and innovation.  

Military Technology

Expecting invading forces from the other factions, they made sure weapons and armor were a common possession--bows, spears, crossbows, swords, daggers. Most had mastered several of these, some all, but every adult among them knew their way around at least one weapon. Their smiths learned the trade from Skofir himself, using forges and techniques more advanced than any other human faction.  

Naval Technology

The Wolves' shipwrights learned much from the Vesirian boats, and in an effort to prepare for retaliation from the Vesirians, and attacks from other factions, they did their utmost to weaponize the boats. They took carved pieces of stone and attached them to the hull, turning the boats themselves into weapons. Later they added large crossbows and ballistae to the boats as well.


Skofir's Wolves, while they do serve Skofir, retain a sense of ultimate allegiance to Voskos, and every tribute paid to Skofir is seen as ultimately reaching Voskos. Skofir is seen as an aid given by Voskos, the Source of all life, goodness, and power.
Geopolitical, City-state
Government System
Economic System
Barter system


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