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Cradle of Mankind

Named after the Eontree residing near its center, Eikroth is a tadpole-shaped island in the southern sea, a few hundred miles away from the continent that served as the birthplace for humankind.


Eikroth serves as a soft place for the Human race to land once expelled from their birthplace. It has, for the most part, all the ingredients needed for a young civilization to develop. Many domestic needs are met in the larger 'body' portion of the island, and rarer resources can be found in the 'tail' or 'hook' portion.  

The Body

  The southern shore consists of a thin beach, leading into cliffs topped with fruit trees and grass. Beyond these, grasslands and gentle hills stretch into the distance, split by a wide, shallow river. Once you've forded the river and continued north, you'll notice the tower and its distinctive spires in the distance. A natural landmark, with caverns throughout, the tower is made from what looks like obsidian, and is surrounded by hotsprings that mingle with the river, sending warm water downstream to the eastern portion of the island, and overflowing its banks, causing it to branch out to the south as well. Copses of fruit-bearing trees line the warmer portions of the river, mingled with berry bushes and flowers. The grassy plains north of the tower are interrupted by a small forest that borders the cliffs to the north shore. Along the eastern shore are tall mountains, blocking the ocean wind. East of the tower, thick forests further shield the inland from the hectic winds.  

The Hook

  Heading west from the tower, you'll notice a gradual incline. The river flows colder and faster, and mountains come into view through the treetops. The mountainsides are covered in foliage, with the occasional boulder field, and the river, most of it now underground, becomes a stream, sifting through stones and boulders. At the end of the stream, a lake rests at the base of towering cliffs on every side, with a dense mountain range towering beyond the western cliff face. A massive glacier pushed up from deep in the ground covers the smaller mountains in the western range, feeding the lake with the crystal-blue water that streams away from it in the hotter portion of the year.

Fauna & Flora

Every inch of the island teems with life. The cold beaches are broken up by rocky outcroppings with tidepools housing various sea-creatures. Sea-eagles stand like sentinels on the cliffs, watching for crabs or upended turtles. The grassy plains are spotted by herds of sheep, and buffalo, with wolves haunting the edges nearest the forest. Deer range the forests, moving into the mountains during the warm season, where mountain goats trim back the foliage that grows where no other animal could reach it. Fish can be caught in the lake, but are rarely found in the river.

Natural Resources

Eikroth has no shortage of wood for burning and building, of course, but also has a fair supply of stone about the base of the tower, as the same obsidian substance can be dug from the ground, from small shards in the soil, to entire outcroppings peeking above the surface. Precious metals and more stone can be mined from the western mountain range. Eontrees, brimming with power drawn from the world itself, can be found in small copses by those willing to venture far enough out onto that glacial landscape. Ice can be cut from the glacier and sent through the subterranean river for preserving food in the warmer parts of the island.
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