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Captain Paseo

The never-ending pirate.


Captain Paseo is said to be an impossible figure in pirate legend. It was said once, long ago, that as a fabled ship of skilled sailors traveled across the Panthalassa ocean, the boat was rocked by a terrible storm. As the ship rocked, the young boy was thrown into the ocean. The ship could not be turned, and swim as he might, there was no saving grace. Eventually, his arms and legs gave out, and he was swallowed by the salty embrace of the sea.   The boy's body sank until his body was revived from within. He could breath, and called out to his saviour, but there was nothing around him but water in all directions. That is when he realized he was speaking to The Vestige Oceanus. He thanked The Vestige for sparing him, and told Oceanus that he had nothing to give but his own life. Oceanus said, "You have been chosen for a greater calling. Live freely and make use of the bounty of the world by my embrace." The boy agreed, and he felt the life leave him as he drowned that day.   When he next awoke, he was on the seas of a foreign shore, on an island far from civilization. On his left wrist, the symbol of a compass with a magical icon that pointed in a direction, but that did not point North. On his right wrist, a symbol that only later understood counted down the time of his return to the sea.   It is said then that Captain Paseo was born, a noble boy turned pirate in order to take the fruits of the sea into his own hands. The name is said to pass down through history, toward other forlorn adventurers who meet their unfateful end at the bottom of the ocean in the wake of Oceanus' embrace.

Historical Basis

Whether legend or not, tales do tell of many Captain Paseos throughout history. Although they take many forms - men and women, young and old, common and noble - the personalities share the same drive for adventure and plunder. Captain Paseo himself seems to always be non-violent, although his companions are frequently not so forthcoming. Although Captain Paseo, in his previous forms, has been apprehended in the past, he almost always seems to find a way to escape.


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