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Captain Nestrom Mitreel

The Sea is my mistress, my love, my bond. Upon her waves I seek comfort and glory, that when she has done me in I may lay with her forever. I shall rest my head upon her bosom of foam, wrapped in her liquid embrace, and adorned with her kisses of spray.
- Cpt. Nestrom Mitreel


The myth follows Metal Beard on his various adventures, fighting numerous battles with giant sea creatures, raids on merchant ships, and his never ending search to find the great mistress of the sea.

Historical Basis

Captain Nestrom "Metal Beard" Mistreel was a fierce pirate that raided many trading ships and explored most of the Emerald Brine. He didn't actually have a metal beard as portrayed in the stories, but instead had several stands of mithril woven into his gray beard. He once had a fierce battle against Ari'el and her ship the Nautilus, mistaking her ship for a wealthy merchant vessel. After having his ship almost sunk, he sailed the seas searching for this woman, never finding her again.


It is a tale common among the sailors and seafaring folk of Sephera and Zahkeerum. Often told to their children as a bedtime story.

Variations & Mutation

Much of the legend varies from person to person; exaggerating and bending the tale to fit their audience.

Cultural Reception

Much of the common folk see this as just a legend, a story to entertain children, but anyone who has spent time upon the sea holds these tales close at heart.

In Literature

This tale is found in several different books and the bards sing of the different battles. It was even a stage play for a short time.

In Art

There are many artistic works of the Captain's battles. The most famous is the sculpture of his battle against a kraken found in the town square of Helms Deep.
Date of First Recording
CG 103 36th day of Yugin
Date of Setting
CG 157 Time of Orhildas
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