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Halla Wormslayer

Halla Wormslayer was a fearsome female pirate who terrorized the southern half of Tamaris from 4402-4409. Her ship, Red Crescent, was known for being able to sail in conditions that would destroy other ships. She could navigate through hurricanes and violent storms and was capable of sailing into even the most treacherous bays. Her name comes from a tale where, as a teenager, she harpooned a great sea monster. It attacked the ship in anger killing everyone but her. Armed with only a sword, she stabbed the monster to death and rode the buoyant and bloated corpse to a safe harbor. It is also said that she severed the monster's head and affixed it to the bow of her ship.   She was known to be ruthless to those she captured and demanded only prime seamanship from her crew. To sail under her was both an honor and a curse, but it was a sure way to get rich. One of her most well known exploits was chasing a Veronan treasure fleet away from the coast and into a hurricane. In the storm, the ships were scattered and damaged, but the Red Crescent remained in perfect condition. She picked off the rest of the ships one by one and even captured a Veronan prince who was sailing with the fleet. The escorts all sank in the storm, and not a single shot was fired. Another tales recounts how, being set upon by pirate hunters, she lured them into a bay known for its sudden changes in depth. She pretended that her ship was crippled which only gave the hunters confidence in taking down a famous pirate. However, as the tide fell and the land breeze blew back out to sea, the ships were run aground and sank. Safely at anchor, Halla waited for the tide to rise again before sailing out past the wrecked ships.   It is unknown how she died, and the last stories of her describe the Red Crescent sailing east only to disappear over the horizon never to be seen again. However, some sailors claim to have sailed under her and that she hid a great hoard of treasure. As a show of trust, she gave each member of her crew a piece of a map that would lead to her treasure. Many thrill seekers have attempted to find Wormslayer's gold, but none have so far been successful. There are varying descriptions of the map, and con artists sell fake pieces of Wormslayer's map to tourists in Galasi.

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