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The rise of the pirate empire


When the Castanet Pirates found an archipelago rich with gold they gathered their entire family and riches along with an army of pirate ships and claimed the islands for themselves. They fought hard to be recognized as their own nation and for their efforts the Castanet family was made rulers of the island.

Historical Basis

It was actually a Castanet family merchant ship that found the archipelago but Captained Johan Castanet knew word of the islands would spread as soon as they reached port and poisoned his entire crew and burned the ship as it got to port. He informed the family of the finding and the family hired mercenaries to cleanse the island of the primitive elves who lived on the islands. Willing to buy and sell anything on the islands they quickly became a favored pirate port, they embellished their own pirate careers to encourage their trade of goods while downplaying their illicit means to the countries they traded with to maximize their profits.


The myth originally meant for just pirates and smugglers has spread to other nations creating some issues with trade. By the time the various nations attempted to claim the islands or attack the ports to cleanse the pirates the Castanet fleet had grown too large and too rich. Bolstered by the pirate ships who supported the burgeoning nation.

Variations & Mutation

The Castanet family spread an altered version with their merchant ships detailing their mercantile prowess turning pirates to the noble life but it did not catch on and what pirates did hear of this grew suspicious of the Castanet family.

Cultural Reception

The Castanet Empire is now seen as a pirate nation and the Empire itself has embraced this.

In Literature

The Castanet family has commissioned several songs, plays, and paintings of this myth. The most popular being "The Queen of Pirates" a play depicting the first Queen as the one who found the island and claimed it for pirates everywhere. Various nations attack the archipelago but through cunning and skill they destroy their enemies and rise a nation.

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