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The Ghost Ship Scar

The Ghost Ship Scar is a legend about the death of Pirate Captain Gold Feather and his ship the Scar.


The myth goes that the Scar and its crew had just raided the famous Desert Jewel, a merchant ship from Sor-Ta. It was illusive due to its powerful magics of illusion. No pirate ship before could find it and its valuable treasure. The Scar did on the Desert Coast, but it would not be without consequences. Several Narigita ships sailed after. in the hopes end this pirate. They fled straight into the Coral Wind Gulf in hopes to lose them due to its typical heavy set fog that swirls the gulf. This was a risk in two ways. Other pirates roamed the foggy parts of the gulf for unsuspecting victims and the small islands or coral. While they are rare, they are very dangerous.   Just as their captain predicted. As soon as they reached the gulf, the navy retreated, but they knowingly lead them to their graves. Rumors had already spread that the treasure of the Desert Jewel had been stolen, but no one knew who. Chaos among all the pirate factions began in search of this treasure, something the crew of the Scar didn't know. Almost immediately as they entered the fog, cannon fire came from multiple ships all fight each other believing that they had the treasure. As the Scar arrived, they got caught in the crossfire. Playing smart, they fled deeper. While there was a reprieve, it wasn't long before other ships began hunting them. Weeks go by as slowly they began to be whittled down. It wouldn't be long till either a mutiny or another ship would finish them off.   Gold feather ordered this crew to set sail out to the nearest port, about a day away, but they would never arrive. A storm manifested in their route to port, but if they hurried they could miss it. In their haste, they crashed straight into a coral reef hidden in the fog and thus were trapped until the storm arrived. The storm wreaked the ship and the crew was thrown overboard. Only one would make it to shore again, Louis, their cook.   He alone would tell their story and the treasure lost at sea. Many have tried to find it, but will always sail straight into a ghost ship. Accounts suggest this was almost identical to the Scar and its crew, but the cook. It will hunt anyone mercilessly in the fog until they either die, flee the gulf.

Historical Basis

It's a story that is for sure, but the ghost ship is real. It appears as a ghostly yellow and attacks anyone it sees. Whether or not the story is true doesn't matter when looking into this ship. For something to say as a ghost in such a form would require very powerful necromancy, but nothing of that powerful as ever been seen since the Age of Magic. It's a very strange occurrence.


This is a common story at all the ports along the gulf. Its mostly told to scare the greenhorn captains from sailing deep into the gulf.

Variations & Mutation

Some say the Scar was killed by with fellow pirates while other suggest they hid on and island only to meet an untimely end to it's natives. However the rest the story remains mostly the same.

In Literature

Referencing the captains name Gold Feather is common in a lot of poetry symbolizing one's own greed and the length taken to keep it.

Eh another one of those "sailor myths". I've never enjoyed them myself.
— Archivist Renna
Date of First Recording
2844 S
Date of Setting
2802 S
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