The Raid of Ganaeios

"I do not see the point of your questioning, Sire. I will personally tell you, Sir, it is impossible to ever raid Ganaeios unless you tear down the whole fortress or with the power of a god himself!"
"Then how do you explain that one dirty pirate with only one ship was able to do exactly that last night!?"
Although the Raid on Ganaeios by one of the seven great Pirates Dimi of Treos happend rather recently, the details about it are so vague, several myths have been spun around it. Dimi of Treos and the Smiths he either liberated or abducted from the island both tell different versions of the tale themselves, fueling further rumors.
The common main elements are that on the islands of Ganaeios Baradolia kept several smiths working with the help of the active volcano on that island. The whole island was heavily fortified, using the natural cliffs with its harbor and several dangerous rocks around most of the island, but still, Dimi of Treos managed to get in with only one ship from an unknown direction, abducted the smiths making most of them work for him. In the course of this raid, the whole volcano erupted - leveling most of the Baradolian Fleet sitting in the harbor and covering the escape of Dimi of Treos.


For a long time now, the fortified island of Ganaeios was a particular thorn in the side of the First United Brennian Coalition of Honorable Independent Enterprising Privateers. Not only was the position strategical so Baradolia could threaten many attacks easily, but they used the power of the volcano to create powerful weapons.
Now Dimi, a passionate smith as well as a pirate himself, wanted to learn about this power and learned soon of a fire spirit living inside the volcano. He saw that the spirit was abused by the evil doings of the Baradolians and decided to put an end to this. So he snuck in the dead of night on the island alone, only guided by his friend, a water spirit around the sharp rocks around the island.
He managed to set the fire spirit free. This spirit asked him to rescue the smiths, that were as oppressed by Baradolia as it was all the time. Dimi, the kind-hearted person he could be, vowed to bring back every smith that would be willing to come with him. He managed to set them free, even though some came reluctantly. But they knew soon enough, the freed fire spirit was going to take vengeance on his captors.
And so it did, and the flames of the volcano lit up behind Dimi and the smiths, as they made their way back to Dimi's ship, the World's Anvil.
Date of Setting
1681 AR
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