Dimi of Treos

High Captain

The blessing of Gazezu be upon us. May she shield us from any storm, navigate us around any cliff and stave away any thirst.
But most of all, may she help us never to cross paths with Dimi of Treos.
-- Common prayer of merchants travelling the Straight of Storms
  Dimi of Treos is one of the most influential and most feared of the seven great pirate captains and one of the Lords of Bren. Infamous for his merciless and strategic raids along the coast of Baradolia and Affeiand and the capture of the islands-fortress on Ganaeios with only one ship.

It is said that he drowned the last captain who tried to cross him but he also is known for rewarding loyalty towards him.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Dimi is in general fit condition, however he lost an eye in his early youth. He claims it was during a fight with an alligator.

Facial Features

Black and grey long hair and a beard of the same color.

Identifying Characteristics

He covers up his missing eye with a silver-grey eyepatch and always wears a bloody red scarf.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Dimi of Treos is famous for recently founding the Anvil of Bren, a collection of smiths, alloymagicians and scientists working together to improve the whole fleet of Bren with the newest in technology concerning ship construction and weapon design.

Not all members of this organization entered on their own will - some were coerced, some were brought back from recent raids. But they are said to now enjoy a very comfortable life away from Baradolian buerocracy.

The technological boost this brought to the Brennian fleet is remarkable.

Personality Characteristics


Dimi was witness to several Baradolian raids on his home islands and the general area. He saw their technological superiority and how they used this to opress the Islands of Bren, only independent by name.
His motivation is to wrestle this technological superiority away from Baradolia to once again claim the islands for Bren and Bren alone.


Year of Birth
1652 AR 39 Years old
Treos, small island in the easter part of the Brenari Islands
Current Residence
Unknown. Most likely on his ship the World's Anvil
Biological Sex
One dark, almost black eye
Related Myths


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And he is the first of the Heroes of a New Dawn - Characters of central significance that are present at the current date of the world.

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