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The settling of Affeiand happened around hundred years after the Ruling of Coexistence - but the group of refugess was not the first people to settle there. In fact, they found many ruins and artifacts left behind by an unknown culture as well as a few groups of humans and elves, that have been living on this island for millenia already. An unusually high amount of magical creatures could be found as well and were met with admiration by the new arrivals.
The culture of Affeiand became a mixture of the remnants of this ancient unknown civilization and their believes and the culture the new arrivals brought. The fascination for the old, the deep connection with magic and nature became central traits in Affeiand. While this mysticism holds a place for the existence and role of the Golden Pantheon, the Affeiands meet the gods with a certain amount of indifference or even mistrust.
Affeiand was never focused on naval expansion but had some small colonies in the vicinity of the islands of Bren early on. During the colonization efforts of Baradolia, Affeiand successfully stood its ground and demonstrated their ingenuity to cmbine old fashione dmagic with new mechanics and naval techniques. Only after the discovery of gunpowder and ship mounted cannons, the resistance of Affaiend broke and they retreated from the islands. However their magic is still vastly superior in the area around Affeiand itself.
Today, Affeiand tries to strike a balance between honoring the ancient ways and opening itself up to the world. They are suspicious of organized religion and curuious but scrutinizing of new technologies. Often you will find someone remaking a new invention in a magical way on Affeiand. They are welcoming outsiders but can be very insistent on adhering to the rules and traditions of the land. As such they expect from a visitor to be willing to learn as they are willing to teach.
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